The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC)


Welcome to the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) and SEMC Secretariat's website. 

The SEMC is Western Australia's peak emergency management body.

The SEMC, supported by the SEMC Secretariat, aims  to develop the best emergency management (EM) arrangements in Australia. We aim to achieve this through: 

1. Demonstrated capability across community and government that matches the EM risk as closely as practicable.

2. Building and maintaining an emergency management framework based on a risk management approach.

3. Promoting prepared​​​ness for emergencies to mi​​nimise their impact and accelerate recovery.

4. Providing advice to government on any matter in relation to EM.

The SEMC 2015-2018 Strategic Plan's key objectives in​​clude developing a comprehensive risk and capability profile for Western Australia and identifying capability gaps through incident analysis. Read more on RiskCapability - Impact.   

​​​The State Risk Project

The State Risk Project aims to gain a consistent and comprehensive understanding of the risks posed to the State. Learn more...

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