SEMC Communiqué - October 2019The SEMC Communiqué from the October meeting is now available. Read more...
Annual ReportThe 2018/19 SEMC Annual Report is now available.
New Website StructureThe SEMC website has been updated with a new layout.
Amendments to the suite of State Emergency Management Documents - May 2019The SEMC has approved new State plans and amendments to the suite of State EM documents. Access the updated documents and details here...
SEMC Business UnitThe WA Government commenced a series of reforms aimed at creating collaborative departments.. Read More
2018 Emergency Preparedness ReportThe Minister for Emergency Services tabled the 2018 Emergency Preparedness Report in Parliament on the 28 November 2018.

State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC)


​Welcome to the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) website. 

The SEMC is the peak emergency management body in Western Australia. Our key aim is to develop the best emergency management (EM) arrangements in Australia. 

The SEMC manages the Emergency Management Act 2005 and the Emergency Management Regulations 2006. As indicated in the Emergency Management Act 2005, the Committee's functions include to: 

  • Advise the Minister or Emergency Services​ on emergency management and the preparedness of the State to combat emergencies
  • ​Provide a forum for whole of community coordination to ensure the minimisation of the effects of emergencies
  • Provide a forum for the development of community-wide information systems to improve communications during emergencies
  • Develop and coordinate risk management strategies to assess community vulnerability to emergencies
  • Arrange for the preparation of State emergency management policies and plans
  • Prepare an annual report on its activities
  • Monitor and review the Emergency Management Act 2005 and its regulations.


​SEMC Membership includes representatives appointed by the Minister for Emergency Services from those organisations that are essential ​​to the State's emergency management arrangements.

​​​The State Risk Project​​
​The Resilient Australia Awards is a nation-wide program to recognise and promote initiatives​ that strengthen community disaster resilience.   

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