SEMC Members Manual​

The documents contained in the SEMC Members Manual are aimed at supporting the members and deputy members of the SEMC.

All information contained in these documents is consistent with the Emergency Management Act 2005, Emergency Management Regulations 2006, and relevant information and documentation obtained from the Western Australian Public Sector Commission.​

Th​e full manual is ​available 

Individual sections of the manual are available below:

1. ​Introduction to the SEMC:​​
​​​​Committee Overview​​​PDF 42 KB
​Ministerial Statement of IntentPDF 130 KB​​
​​Committee Statement of Intent PDF 1.34 KB​​
Strategic Plan PDF 172 KB​​
SEMC ​StructurePDF 70 KB
Subcommittee OverviewPDF 44 KB
​2. Membership: 
​MembersPDF 76 KB
​​Roles and ResponsibilitiesPDF 72 KB
​​​Committee Member Skills, Knowledge and Experience PDF 53 KB
Member and Deputy Member Appointments Register

​​3. Policies and Procedures:
Comm​​ittee Attendance ​PolicyPDF 16 KB
​​Decision Making​PDF 44 KB
​Meeting ProcessPDF 71 KB
​Out of Session ResolutionsPDF 45 KB
Meeting Schedule PDF 62 KB
Code of Conduct PDF 134 KB
​​Conflicts of Interest​​PDF 42 KB
​​Committee EvaluationPDF 65 KB
5. Other information:
​SEMC PortalPDF 252 KB
​​Members Induction Checklist​PDF 34 KB
​Declaration of Interest Form ​PDF 12 KB
Register of Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality
Service Level Agreement
PDF 5.28 KB