​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Risk Tool​box 

The Risk Toolbox contains supporting tools and materials that, together with the Western Australian Emergency Risk Management Guide and the WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Handbook, have been developed ​to aid and assist in the emergency risk management process.

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​​​T​​​​​​​​O​​​O​​L NAME​​​​​​​​​



​​W​​​A Risk Register To​ol​​​​​​​​


An Excel spreadsheet where you can input your data throughout the ERM process. This is your Risk Register and will do all mathematical calculatio​ns for you, including the assignment of risk levels. Two versions are available

- Excel version 2007 or newer; and 

- Excel version 2003 or older (this version has limited support for risk treatment and automated graphs).​

WA Risk Re​gister Tool - Excel version 2007 or newer.xlsm​​​​​

W​A Risk Register – Excel version 2003 or older.xls​​ (429 KB)

​Con​s​equence table​​


After entering your population and gross area product for your local government area, this Excel tool will generate a consequence table that is specifically tailored to your community. You can also select your local government name from a drop down list to download a pre-populated consequence table for your area. This is printable in A3.

​Custom Consequence Table

Enter the name of your LG (without "City/Town/Shire of") in the box below for a customised consequence table.

​​A generic consequence table is also available below.​​

Generic Consequenc​e Table.xls​​ (218 KB)


Hazard Selection Guide​​​


Use this guide to assist your selection of hazards for assessment.

Hazard Selection.pdf
(273 KB)

​​Wo​rkshop pres​​entation​

This workshop PowerPoint presentation can be used by facilitators during the workshop to introduce and explain the risk assessment process and ensure all steps are covered. All red coloured text should be changed to match your own context.

Workshop Presentation.ppt (3,675 KB)

​G​eneric risk​​​ state​​ment database

This Excel spreadsheet contains generic risk statements for each impact area which you can tailor to suite your community.

Generic Risk Statement Database.xls              (160 KB)

​   Worksh​op c​hecklist

​​​​A checklist for the materials required before and during the workshop.​A checklist for the materials required before and during the workshop.

Workshop Checklist.xls (31 KB)

Hazard videos

​A series of hazard videos which can be used to provide context during a risk assessment.
Hazard video page​

Hazard scenarios

​You can use the hazard scenarios developed for the state and district-levels and tailor them to your local context. These are contained in the state and district reports. District Risk Assessment Reports​

WA Natural Ha​zards Risk Profile 2017.pdf 
(4,076 KB






​Project plan t​​e​​​​​mplate​​​​​

A template for a project plan which should be completed prior to commencing the ERM process.

A template document which should be completed when developing a hazard scenario

Pro​​ject plan Template.doc​​ (31 KB)

​​Hazard ​​​scenario template​​​​

A template document which should be completed when developing a hazard scenario.

Hazard Scenario Template.doc​ (24 KB)

​Risk statement tre​e

You can use this template to brainstorm different aspects that may be impacted by the emergency event for each impact area to help you with writing risk statements. ​

​Risk State​ment Tree.pdf
 (132 KB)

​Risk statement t​e​mplate for workshop participants​


A template document where all risk statements can be written and then used by participants in the risk assessment workshops​.​ 

Available in A3 and A4 format.​

Risk Statement Template for Workshop                 Participants A4.xls (40 KB)

Risk Statement Template  for Workshop             ​  Participants A3.xls​​ (40 KB)

​Workshop agenda template​

​Two templat​es to create risk workshop agenda’s to assess one or two hazards.

One Hazard Risk Assessment Agenda (42 KB)

Two Hazard Risk Assessment Agenda
(52 KB)


​​​​​​​​​​​​ N​​​AME​



​Local lev​el risk as​sessm​​ent summary document

The local level risk assessment summary document must be completed for all hazards assessed. This document details the hazards and their scenarios, workshop attendance, identified risks and preliminary treatment strategies.

​Local​ L​evel Risk Assessment Summary                   Document.docx​​ (93 KB)

​ERM consultant qu​​​arterly report​

Template for the quarterly report required to be completed by consultants engaged in ERM.​

ERM Consultant Quarterly Report (17 KB)

​​Final ​​​report criteria​

A checklist of criteria for the final report produced by consultants engaged in ERM, for local government use.​

Final Re​port Criteria​​​​​ (22 KB)

​If you would like to provide feedback and any further information, please email: info@semc.wa.gov.au.