​Risk and Treatment Tools

The SEMC's State Risk Project aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks the State faces at a state, district and local level. 

In order to ensure the risks are assessed consistently, the "Attachment to State Emergency Management Prevention and Mitigation Procedure 1: Western Australian Emergency Risk Management" has been developed. This document sits within the State Emergency Management procedures suite. 

To assist local governments to undertake their risk assessment, the State Risk Project has created a handbook specifically targeted for local governments: WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Handbook (below). The handbook outlines all that is required for local governments to meet their emergency risk management obligations. ​​​

Once risks have been assessed they will need to be treated. The State Risk Project has also created a risk treatment manual: WA Emergency Risk Management Treatment Manual (below) to assist with the treatment process for identified risks.

Click on the links below to access these two guides and companion toolboxes.

The WA Emergency Risk Management Local Governm​ent Handbook is intended specifically for use by WA local governments to facilitate risk management and to develop emergen​​​​cy management plans.


Risk Toolbox

The Toolbox contains supporting tools and materials that have been developed to assist in the emergency risk management process.​

The WA Emergency Risk Management Treatment Manual will assist local governments in treating assessed risks using current best practice. The State Risk Team is in the process of reviewing the manual. Local Governments can request an earlier version of the manual by contacting the Risk Team at semc.risk@dfes.wa.gov.au​.

​Treatment Toolbox

Temporarily unavailable pending review.