​​State Risk Project ​​​Hazard videos: ​

Animal or Plant: Pests or Diseases ​ (1​5.15​​​​ min) 

Featuring Dr Mia Carbon, John van Schagen and Kevin Chennell (Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development)

Bushfire video​ (14.25​​​​ min)

Featuring Dr Lachlan McCaw (Department of Parks and Wildlife and John Tillman (Department of Fire and Emergency Services)


Cyclone video​ (1​3.06​​​​ min) 

Featuring Andrew Burton (Bureau of Meteorology) and Allen Gale (Department of Fire and Emergency Services)



Earthquake video​ (8.25​​​​ min)

Featuring Professor Myra Keep (University of Western Australia)



Flood video​ (13.13​​​​ min)

Featuring Neil Bennett (Bureau of Meteorology) and Allen Gale (Department of Fire and Emergency Services)​



HAZMAT video​ (11.23​​​​ min)

​Featuring David Gill (Department of Fire and Emergency Services), Ken Raine (Department of Water and Environmental Regulation), and Lawry Lim (Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety)

Heatwave video​ (12.15​​​​ min)

​Featuring Tony Spicer (Department of Health) and Neil Bennett (Bureau of Meteorology)



Human Epidemic​ (12.28​​​​ min)

​Featuring Prof. Donna Mak (Department of Health)


Marine Transport Emergency & Marine Oil Pollution video​ (14.51 min) 

Featuring Raymond Buchholz (Department of Transport), Captain Allan Gray (Fremantle Ports) and Myron Fernandes (Port of Port Hedland)



​Storm video​ (13.15 min) 

Featuring Bradley Santos (Bureau of Meteorology) and Allen Gale (Department of Fire and Emergency Services) 



Tsunami video
​ (12.09​​​​ min)

​Featuring Allen Gale (Department of Fire and Emergency Services), Grahame Reader (Bureau of Meteorology) and Charitha Pattiaratchi (University of Western Australia)