​ Re​​po​​rts:   ​​​                                         R​eviews:​

Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection

Handbook 4 - Evacuation Planning PDF 857 KB

Handbook 12 - Communities Responding to Disasters: Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers PDF 1.1 MB

Bush​​fire Review Implementation Group (BRIG)

BRIG Stakeholder Briefings regarding the implementation of recommendations made by the 2011 Perth Hills Bushfire Review and the 2012 Margaret River Bushfire Review, both conducted by Mr Mick Keelty AO.

Stakeholder Briefings downloads: 

February 2013: PDF 363 KB

November 2013: PDF 118 KB

May 2014: PDF 115 KB

August 2014: PDF 100 KB

Economic assessment of bushfire risk management options in Western Australia: case studies in the Perth Hills and in the south-west of Western Australia

 Download the report:​

PDF ​1.7 MB

The University of Western Australia prepared this report​ for the Office of Emergency Management (formerly the State Emergency Management Committee Secretariat).

This report forms part of the 'Draft Strategic Bushfire Stocktake' report.

​Copies of this report can be made available upon request. Please email: info@semc.wa.gov.au. 

​​Keelty Reviews

A Shared Responsibility - The report of the Perth Hills Bushfire, February 2011 Review PDF 8 MB

Appreciating the Risk - Report of the Special Inquiry into the November  2011 Margaret River Bushfire  PDF 8 MB

Nationa​l Bus​​hf​ire Management Po​licy​​​​​

PDF 3.4 MB

O'Sullivan (Shire of Manjimup) and Lower Hotham (Shire of Boddington) Fire

Terms of Reference: PDF 148 KB

O'Sullivan and Lower Hotham Review Report - February 2016 PDF 768 KB

National Pla​​nning Principles for Animals in Disasters 

P​DF 530 K​​B

Par​​ker​​ville-Stoneville-Mt Helena Fire Review


​Back​​ground: PDF 137 KB

Term​s of Reference: PDF ​131 KB

​​Hav​​​e yo​​ur say - Questions for Community Members: PDF 136 KB

​Com​​muniqué - 14 March 2014: PDF ​138 KB

Commun​​iqué - 14 April 2014: PDF 139 KB

Communiqué - 20 June 2014: PDF 152 KB


Parkerv​ille Stoneville Mt Helena Bushfire Review Report - June 2014:​ 

Nati​​onal Strateg​y for Disaster Resil​ience  


National Strategy for Disa​ster Resilience - Priority Areas for Action 


National Strategy for Disaster Res​ilience: Implementation Review -  Progress to date

PDF 232​ KB



Waroona Bushfire Special Inquiry

Terms of Reference PDF  80 KB

Request for Submissions - February 2016 

'Reframing Rural Fire Management' - Report of the Special Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire PDF 10.9 MB

Media Statement - Special Inquirer Mr Euan Ferguson AFSM PDF 40 KB

Summary of the im​plementation progress of the Ferguson Report recommendations - June 2017

Summary of the implementation progress of the Ferguson Report recommendations​ - October 2017

Summary of the implementation progress of the Ferguson Report recommendations​ - February 2018

Summary of the implementation progress of the Ferguson Report recommendations​ - April 2018

Summary of the implementation progress of the Ferguson Report recommendations​ - July 2018


Ri'ziliens Dambreak Risk Assessment 

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) commissioned a review of the hazard of Dambreak in March 2015 on behalf of the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC). This report is a summary of the outcomes of the risk assessment workshop. 

PDF 1.62 MB

Understanding the Drivers of Disaster - The case for developing an Australian Vulnerability Profile 

PDF 867 KB

Western Australia's Natural Hazards Risk Profile 2017

​This document follows on from the initial assessment of Western Australia’s seven sudden onset natural hazards in 2013. This iteration fulfils the State’s obligations under the National Partnership Agreement (NPA) on Natural Disaster Resil​​ience and presents the results of the updated state-level risk assessment of its natural hazards – bushfire, cyclone, earthquake, heatwave, flood, storm, and tsunami.​

August 2017: PDF 4,076KB​​

Western Australia's State-l​​evel Risk Assessme​​​​nt - Seven Sudden Onset Natural Hazards 

​​This document is Western Australia’s first iteration of a State-level risk assessment, which analyses and compares the risks posed by seven of the State’s prio​​​rity na​​tural hazards – storm, earthq​uake, bushfire, tsunami, heatwave, cyclone and flood. Document release date: December 2013.

PDF 2.86 MB