​​​​Support Functions


There is a range of support functions and services that are not hazard specific but support EM arrangements across all-hazards, for example, emergency public information, welfare and health support. These services may be required regardless of the type of hazard that occurs.

The SEMC allocates responsibility for support services to relevant agencies. The key concepts of these support services are included in the State EM Plan, with detail maintained by the relevant agency in the form of an operational plan or arrangements as follows:





Support Function Plans​

​State Health Emergency Response Plan PDF - 449 KB​​
​State Emergency Welfare Plan (Interim) PDF - 1.7 MB
State Emergency Welfare Plan Annex A - Registration and Reunification (Interim) PDF - 444 KB
State Emergency Welfare Plan Annex B - Reception PDF - 364 KB
State Emergency Welfare Plan Annex C - Disaster Information Support and Care Centre PD​F - 420 KB
​State Emergency Public Information Plan PDF - 332 KB