​​Local Emergency Management Arrangements (Great Southern)


It is a requirement for each local government in Western Australia to publish their Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMAs) on their website.

The Great Southern district's local government websites are listed below. 

However, a dedicated page with direct access to the documents is available for registered users only; please click here.   ​


​City of Albanywww.albany.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Boddingtonwww.boddington.wa.gov.au
Shire of Brooktonwww.brookton.wa.gov.au
Shire of Broomehill-Tambellupwww.shirebt.wa.gov.au
Shire of Corrigin www.corrigin.wa.gov.au
Shire of Cranbrookwww.cranbrook.wa.gov.au
Shire of Cuballingwww.cuballing.wa.gov.au
Shire of Denmarkwww.denmark.wa.gov.au
Shire of Dumbleyungwww.dumbleyung.wa.gov.au
Shire of Gnowangerupwww.gnowangerup.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Jerramungupwww.jerramungup.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Katanningwww.katanning.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Kent
​Shire of Kojonupwww.kojonup.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Kondininwww.kondinin.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Kulinwww.kulin.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Lake Gracewww.lakegrace.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Narroginwww.narroginshire.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Pingellywww.pingelly.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Plantagenetwww.plantagenet.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Ravensthorpewww.ravensthorpe.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Waginwww.wagin.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Wanderingwww.wandering.wa.gov.au
​Shire of West Arthurwww.westarthur.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Wickepinwww.wickepin.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Williamswww.williams.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Woodanillingwww.woodanilling.wa.gov.au
​Town of Narroginwww.narrogin.wa.gov.au