​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

When do applications close?
Applications need to be received by 12pm (midday) Friday 10 June 2022.

How much can I apply for?
Applicants can apply for between $2,500 and $30,000 (no GST applied) per application. Local level risk assessment projects can request a maximum of $4,000.

Who can I contact for more information?
In the first instance, please refer to the AWARE Guidelines.

If you need further information, contact semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au or call 9395 9888.
My organisation is not a local government; can I apply for funding?
No. The AWARE grant program is restricted to applications from local governments only.

I am not sure if my project is eligible. How do I find out?
Refer to the AWARE Guidelines. If you are still unsure, contact semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au​ or call 9395 9888.

I don't know if I have non-compliant SEMC grants – how do I find out?
If your local government is currently delivering a project funded by NDRP, or the AWARE program, then there are current SEMC grants in progress. 
If you are unsure, contact the SEMC Business Unit at semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au or call 9395 9888.

What are in-kind contributions?
In-kind contributions are non-cash inputs that are given an equivalent cash value. The in-kind contributions for a project can only be for costs directly associated with an approved project and cannot be used for core business or business-as-usual activities.

What criteria is used to allocate funding?
Projects must build emergency management capability at the local level, as well as meet all criteria outlined in the AWARE Guidelines. Projects will then be assessed against the selection criteria. All assessable components are contained within the AWARE Guidelines with the response to each question used to assess the application.

I have a project in collaboration with other local governments that requires funding – how much can I request?
Regardless of the number of local governments involved in your project, the maximum you can request from AWARE is $30,000 (no GST).

My project will have already started by the time the successful applications are announced. Is this ok?
No. Projects that have commenced prior to the signing of the AWARE Funding Agreement ​will not be eligible. An individual Funding Agreement will be developed following the announcement of the successful applicants. Once the funding agreement has been signed by the successful applicant and DFES, the project can commence, and funds expended.

When should my project start?
Projects cannot commence before the AWARE Funding Agreement is signed, or before 1 November 2022. Individual funding agreements will be developed following the announcement of the successful applicants and once this occurs, the project can go ahead.

Can I get assistance to complete my application?
Yes. Refer to the AWARE Guidelines in the first instance, and if you have additional queries contact semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au or call 9395 9888.

We wish to submit a joint application. Whose name do we use?
You will need to determine who will be the primary project manager for the project. This local government will be responsible for accepting and managing the grant funds, delivering, and acquitting the project.

I don't have an alternate project manager for this project – do I have to complete that section?
Yes. It is expected that you will have one primary project manager, and one alternate / proxy project manager or point of contact for this project. This contact may be necessary if further information is being sought to assist in the evaluation.

How many applications can I submit?
Your local government can submit as many project applications as it can reasonably deliver, however you will need to rank your projects from most to least preferred.

Does my project have to be completed within a year?
No. Projects must have reasonable timeframes and milestones to be eligible but may last for longer than one year.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?
The SEMC Business Unit anticipates advising applicants by August 2022 on the outcome of their application.

If I am successful, when will I receive the funding?
Once the deliverables, timeframes, and Key Performance Indicators have been agreed upon – and the funding agreement has been signed – the project can start. The grant funds will be paid following receipt of a valid tax invoice.

My project is sensitive in nature. If I am successful, will it have to be published?
No. Your organisation name will be made public, but the nature of your project will not. If you believe your project is sensitive, advise the SEMC Business Unit at semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au​ or call 9395 9888.

I have submitted an application and realised there are errors. Can I edit the appl​ication?
If it is before the closing date of 10 June 2022 you may update your application and resubmit. Contact semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au to advise your previous application will be replaced.

Contact details may be updated at any time. If you need to make other amendments after the closing date and time, contact semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au​ or call 9395 9888 to discuss.

Will I be asked to submit additional information after the grant round has closed?
Possibly. During the evaluation process, the assessment panel may require additional information to assess the application.
If this is the case, the SEMC Business Unit will contact you and request the additional information. It is therefore important that you provide contact details for the project manager and proxy project manager to ensure you are contactable.

What is the assessment process?
The AWARE grant is administered in accordance with the SEMC Grant Governance Framework to ensure transparent and accountable management, including the assessment process and managing conflict of interest. The assessment process is as follows:
  1. Applications received by due time/date and notification of reference number issued.
  2. Eligibility assessment completed by the SEMC Business Unit.
  3. Merit selection assessment by the Assessment Panel.
  4. Recommended projects submitted to SEMC for approval.
  5. Recommended projects submitted to the Minister for Emergency Services for final approval.
  6. Notification of assessment outcome provided to applicants.

Please note: do not commence your project without confirmation that you have been successful and have signed the AWARE Funding Agreement.

My application was not successful. Can I get feedback?
Yes. Requests for feedback must be made in writing, by the original applicant, marked to the attention of the SEMC Business Unit at GPO Box P1174 Perth WA 6844 or semc.grants@dfes.wa.gov.au​.