Natural disasters can have a significant impact on Western Australian (WA)​ communities, meaning a collaborative and coordinated approach is required to mitigate against, withstand and recover from disasters.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) oversees the allocation of funding that supports reducing risk and enhancing the development of disaster resilient communities. This approach emphasises the importance the SEMC places on collaboration between all sectors of our community to share in the responsibility of disaster mitigation.​​


​​​Preparing Australia Program​​​​​

​On Monday 1 November 2021 the NRRA released grant guidelines for round one of the Preparing Australia Program. The program will support projects that mitigate or reduce the disaster risk, impact and consequence associated with large-scale natural hazards.​

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​​​National Disaster ​​​​​Risk Reduction​​​

​A partnership between the Commonwealth and State governments to  proactively reduce the risk and limit the impact of disasters associated with natural hazards on Australian communities and economies. 

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​​​All West Australians Reducing​​
Emergencies (AWARE)​​


​A State government initiative to enhance WA's Emergency Management (EM) arrangements by building EM capacity and knowledge at both the local and district levels.

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​​Natural Disaster ​​​​​Re​silience​ Program​​​


​The Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) has exhausted its funding allocation and has been superseded by the National Disaster Risk Reduction program.

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