State Hazard Plans

​Each defined and prescribed hazard has a dedicated State Hazard Plan (Westplan) that outlines the arrangements on how to manage that hazard across the Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery spectrum. State Hazard Plans (Westplans) are available below.

The SEMC has delegated responsibility for the development, maintenance, review and exercising of relevant State Hazard Plans (Westplans) to the agencies prescribed as HMAs in Part 3 of the EM Regulations. 

The process of amalgamating similar Westplans, and converting all Westplans into State Hazard Plans is still underway. The new State Hazard Plans will be released as they become available and will replace the corresponding Westplans. 

Details of amendments are available on the Amendments to State EM Documents page. ​Superseded State Hazard Plans and Westplans are available upon request to the State Emergency Management Policy Branch at semc.policylegislation@dfes.wa.gov.au.

StateHazardPlanAnimalandPlantBiosecurity.pdfState Hazard Plan - Animal and Plant Biosecurity7332 KB 2.0013/08/202119/08/20211/08/2026
StateHazardPlanCollapse.pdfState Hazard Plan - Collapse7622 KB 1.003/12/202115/12/202131/12/2026
StateHazardPlanCrashEmergency.pdfState Hazard Plan - Crash Emergency7389 KB 2.007/05/20217/10/20217/08/2023
StateHazardPlanEarthquake.pdfState Hazard Plan - Earthquake7672 KB 1.003/12/202115/12/202131/12/2026
StateHazardPlanEnergySupplyDisruption.pdfState Hazard Plan - Energy Supply Disruption7626 KB 2.007/05/202115/12/202131/12/2023
StateHazardPlanFire.pdfState Hazard Plan - Fire893 KB 1.0111/12/202018/12/20201/11/2024
StateHazardPlanHAZMAT.pdfState Hazard Plan - HAZMAT880 KB 1.0229/06/202030/06/20201/08/2023
StateHazardPlanHAZMATAnnexANuclearPoweredWarship.pdfState Hazard Plan - HAZMAT Annex A Radiation Escape from a Nuclear Powered Warship (NPW)3737 KB 3.007/05/202110/06/20211/03/2026
StateHazardPlanHAZMATAnnexBSPRED.pdfState Hazard Plan - HAZMAT Annex B Space Re-entry Debris7601 KB 3.007/05/202115/12/202131/08/2025
StateHazardPlanHeatwave.pdfState Hazard Plan - Heatwave7163 KB 2.007/05/20217/10/20211/05/2023
StateHazardPlanHostileAct.pdfState Hazard Plan - Hostile Act7334 KB 1.0013/08/202119/08/20211/08/2026
StateHazardPlanHumanBiosecurity.pdfState Hazard Plan - Human Biosecurity7357 KB 2.007/05/20217/10/20211/05/2024
StateHazardPlanMaritimeEnvironmentalEmergencies.pdfState Hazard Plan - Maritime Environmental Emergencies7444 KB 2.003/12/202122/12/202131/12/2026
StateHazardPlanSearchandRescue.pdfState Hazard Plan - Search and Rescue Emergencies1044 KB 1.0511/12/202018/12/20201/08/2023
StateHazardPlanSevereWeather.pdfState Hazard Plan - Severe Weather7793 KB v.0113/08/202124/12/202131/10/2022
StateHazardPlanTerroristAct(RestrictedAccessRequired).pdfState Hazard Plan - Terrorist Act (Restricted Access Required)152 KB 1.0711/12/202018/12/20201/08/2021
StateHazardPlanTsunami.pdfState Hazard Plan - Tsunami8589 KB 2.003/12/202115/12/202131/12/2026

Table Summary: This table provides access and details regarding the State Hazard Plans. The plans can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the Document Name. Additional details are included :

File Size - Space required to download the document.

Document VersionComprehensive reviews or significant amendments will increase the number before the decimal (2.00 to 3.00). Minor amendments will increase the number​ following the decimal. (2.01 to 2.02). 

Date of approval ​- SEMC approval of the document.

Date of effect - Publication of the document.

Review date -  Any amendments required following a comprehensive review should be submitted to SEMC for approval before this date. 

Page reviewed: 23 September 2021