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Testing the 'SPIL​'

24 May 2018

The State Public Information Line (SPIL) is an emergency phone line capability. This emergency phone line, which is staffed by the Department of Transport (DoT), can be activated by the State Emergency Public Information Coordinator at the request of a Hazard Management Agency (HMA). Activation occurs when demand from the public​ for general information (not urgent calls for assistance) is expected to exceed the HMA's capacity. If DoT is unable to service the volume of calls, the National Emergency Contact Centre Surge Capability arrangements provide an overflow option.​​

​During a significant emergency, there is a major demand on the Hazard Management Agency to deliver public information.

Day-time testing and exercising of the SPIL is undertaken regularly. However, to test the ability to activate and establish the SPIL outside of normal DoT business hours, a recent after-hours exercise was conducted involving staff from the WA Police Force and DoT.

The WA Police Force was granted an All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) grant from OEM to cover costs for the exercise. It highlighted areas that worked well, and some areas that need to be enhanced.

Testing of the SPIL is a key support function under the State Emergency Public Information Plan​.