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​Western Australia's Lessons Framework 

24 May 2018

In March 2017, the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) committed to the development of an emergency management (EM) lessons management framework, specifically to track and report on recommendations arising from past reviews. The proposed framework will not only track outcomes from formal inquiries, but it will also develop a robust lessons sharing process for the sector.

The OEM developed a draft EM lessons management framework following initial consultation with the EM sector. Designed to align with the State's EM capability, assurance and exercise frameworks, the lessons management framework will drive continuous improvement in the EM sector.

State level lessons relating to EM capabilities will be identified through assurance activities, actioned through lessons management improvement plans and evaluated through exercise objectives. This link was highlighted in the April 2018 Australian Journal of Emergency Management.

In December 2017, the SEMC approved the draft EM lessons management framework to be released for further consultation with the EM sector.

On 20 June, the OEM will host a workshop in Perth to offer organisations the opportunity to further contribute to the framework's development. 

Topics to be covered at the workshop include:


  • ​The proposed lessons framework – based on the national lessons management method of OILL (Observation, Insight, Lesson identified, Lessons learned)​.

  • ​Alignment to Western Australia's capability and exercise frameworks.​

  • ​The data collection process and supporting systems​.

  • ​EM sector lessons sharing processes and challenges​.

  • ​​SEMC lessons management reference group​.

To ensure key personnel attend, invitations have been circulated to EM agency heads requesting nominations for the workshop. Feedback from the workshop will be integrated into the draft framework and presented to the SEMC for final approval and rollout.