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Ratio​​​nalisation of Westplans into State Hazard Plans​

24 May 2018

Work continues to transform and rationalise the 27 Westplans into 13 State Hazard Plans.

The following State Hazard Plans have been created, replacing former Westplans:      


  • ​State Hazard Plan – Fire (Interim)

  • ​State Hazard Plan – Heatwave

  • ​State Hazard Plan – Terrorist Act (restricted access)

  • ​State Hazard Plan – ​Tsunami.


​State Hazard Plan – Energy Supply Disruption should be released for consultation in June 2018. This plan combines the Westplans for electricity supply disruption, gas supply disruption and liquid fuel disruption. The work is being led by the Public Utilities Office.

The consultation processes for the State Hazard Plans for Crash Emergency, Search and Rescue and HAZMAT have closed. Review of the comments is being progressed. The final drafts of the State Hazard Plans will then be progressed through the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) approval process.