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Exercise Centum – emergency response teams respond to a simulated mass casualty event​ incident

24 May 2018

On Tuesday, 1 May the Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit of the WA Department of Health coordinated part 1 of Exercise Centum, a multi-agency simulated disaster management response. This first phase was a field exercise.


​Exercise Centum, which took 12-months of planning and precise execution, involved a two-phased disaster management scenario with first responders and emergency management staff from WA Health and its Health Response Teams (HRTs), St John Ambulance, WA Police Force, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, and Department of Transport. Held at Claremont Showgrounds, the exercise tested inter-agency cooperation and processes based on a real-time scenario and response.


A team of volunteers helped make the scenario life-like, with moulage special effects makeup applied and specific role-based injuries and scripts to follow, to put the emergency response teams through their paces.


Watch the Channel 7's Today Tonight footage of Exercise Centum:

​(if you are unable to view the video below, please click this link

Part 2 of the Centum exercise series was held on 17 May at the showgrounds. This was a functional exercise using the Emergotrain system (ETS) and tested the hospital components of a mass casualty response.​