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2018 edition of the National Community Recovery Handbook published


24 May 2018

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience has published the 2018 edition of the national Community Recovery Handbook.

Supporting communities after a disaster is a complex shared responsibility between government, NGOs, community, community groups, emergency management organisations, volunteering organisations, the business sector and corporate and philanthropic agencies. Successful recovery occurs when an affected community can exercise a high degree of self-determination, contribute to planning and when others understand and work with the unique context of each community.

The revised Community Recovery Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to community recovery in Australia. It explores key concepts and frameworks in recovery and provides resources for planners, managers and those working with communities to design and deliver recovery processes, services, programs and activities. The handbook is a useful resource to build capability for those who have a role or responsibility in supporting communities through recovery after a disaster or for those assisting communities in recovery. It can also be used to develop policies, capabilities, emergency management plans and other documents that support disaster recovery.

The handbook, which is accompanied by a variety of support toolkits, also aligns to the recently updated National Principles for Disaster Recovery and includes guidance on applying the principles within various demographics and throughout the various complexities in supporting a community through the recovery process.

The recovery team from OEM has had input into this resource and believe that it will be valuable to all those working in the recovery space. You can freely access it here: