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​​Australian Women in Emergencies​ Network 

Promoting and supporting the strengths, skills and expertise that women bring to disaster resilience and emergency management​

​24 May 2018

The Australian Women in Emergencies (AWE) Network has been established to promote and further develop the contributions of women in disaster and emergency management, help build stronger and more resilient communities, and support the new generation of women entering the sector. 

Women bring unique skills and strengths to all areas of disaster and emergency management, their insights and expertise are already enhancing resilience across communities.

The founders of the AWE Network said, "We saw a need to recognise and strengthen women's contribution to emergency management and disaster resilience. By harnessing and amplifying the capabilities available from women in our community, The AWE Network can help to build Australia's resilience."

The aims of the AWE Network are to:

  • ​Promote and develop the skills and strengths of women​.

  • ​Give a voice to women.​

  • ​Encourage and support the next generation of women in emergency management.​

  • ​Provide a platform for networking and shared information.​

  • ​Promote collaboration and cooperation​.

  • ​​Encourage gender equity in the sector.

The AWE Network has been overwhelmed by positive responses and in just over five weeks has almost 700 members. ​ Some of the responses include:

"Congratulations on this fabulous initiative.  I take the opportunity to offer you my whole hearted support and endorsement!"

​"I think that this is an exciting idea that will benefit many women in this industry."

 "What an amazing concept and opportunity! I'd love to be involved."



AWE Network Founders from left: Kathy Cooney, Bridget Tehan and Amanda Lamont.

The AWE Network is open to all women from all sectors that play a role in emergencies, including emergency service organisations, community and not for profit organisations, governments and agencies, universities and schools, private businesses and organisations, as well as volunteers and community members. Register here.

​For queries please contact Bridget Tehan on 0405 246 551.