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Heatwave discussion gets State agencies talking​​​ ​

23​ February 2018

​The Disaster and Preparedness Management Unit from the Department of Health conducted a discussion exercise as the Hazard Management Agency for Heatwave on 1 December 2017.  

The exercise bought together 28 participants across 18 agencies. The Bureau of Meteorology produced a scenario of 8 consecutive days where the average daily temperature remained over 32 degrees and with 40+ degree days.  

The exercise compounded the scenario with utility disruptions to promote further discussion and thought around the response phase.


The scenario enabled the testing of State Hazard Plan Heatwave, an objective of the exercise and the robust discussion highlighted some opportunities to refine standard operating procedures. 

The outcome from the exercise was a high level of confidence that all agencies have good plans in place to manage a prolonged heatwave event. 

Keep an eye on the ABC's Four Corners who attended and filmed part of the discussion exercise. The segment should be aired in February 2018.


For information on how to prepare for and survive during heat events, go to​​​​