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Congratula​tions on Local Emergency Management Arrangements noted​


23 February 2018


Eight local governments across WA have had their local emergency management arrangements (LEMA) noted by the State Emergency Management Committee.


Congratulations to the following local governments:


​​City of Busselton ​

​Shire of Dundas​

​Shire of Beverley​

​Shire of Exmouth (first time noted)

​Shire of Carnamah​

​Shire of East Pilbara

Shire of Wiluna​

​​Town of Bassendean

Under Section 41 of the Emergency Management Act 2005, a local government is to ensure that emergency management arrangements are in place for that local government area.


The LEMAs are the overarching document and contain associated sub-plans which the local government is responsible for developing, maintaining and testing.


The information contained in the LEMA ensures that potential emergencies are managed in a community focused and coordinated way ensuring that local context is considered when relevant agencies are managing an emergency requiring a significant and coordinated response.


A huge amount of work goes into the development of LEMAs which provide information and knowledge for agencies to reference when managing an emergency.


Well done to these local governments for leading the development of this key document.


Shire of East Pilbara President, Cr Lynne Craigie and Shire of East Pilbara

Manager Community Safety, Clint Swadling.