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​Using mapping to increase the resilien​​​ce of Western Australia​

5 December 2017

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is using mapping as a tool to increase Western Australia's resilience to emergencies.

Mapping allows a more detailed and distinct focus on the contributors to resilience: risk, capability and impact. These contributors vary spatially so mapping is the most effective way to represent this spatial variation. By understanding the state's areas of strength and weakness, we can provide resources to those regions that need them the most.

The Flooding in Western Australia (January and February 2017) event is an example of how the use of maps can compare the impacts from an actual event with the results from the OEM's annual ​capability survey.

​​​​This map above shows how the majority of the 138 WA local governments were impacted by the floods and subject to WANDRRA flood proclamation. 

​​​This map above illustrates data collected from the 2017 capability survey which shows that only a third of these flood affected local governments had conducted and documented risk assessments for this hazard.  ​​


This map above is able to show at a glance local governments and their level of skills to conduct EM risk assessments. ​

For flood affected local governments that did not conduct a flood risk assessment, none reported having comprehensive risk assessment skills, and only a third report some or substantial skills. The map also shows that local governments generally report lower risk assessment skills in the Midwest-Gascoyne compared to the South West. This indicates that LGs in the Midwest-Gascoyne may require more support than those in the South West. ​


This map above shows local governments that use land planning to manage and minimise the impacts from flood.​ Less than half of the flood affected local governments report using land use planning to mitigate flood impacts. This suggests there may be an opportunity to improve resilience through increased knowledge and application of flood land use planning.​