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Image from a marine risks treatment discussion that took place in Albany on 10 August.

​Trea​tment discussions underway

24 August 2017


Following the successful completion of district risk assessments under the State Risk Project and the release of the District Risk Assessment Reports, the OEM is moving forward to facilitate treatment discussions for priority risks.

Since May, three separate treatment discussions have occurred. Two discussions in the Great Southern emergency management (EM) district looked at marine risks and emergency services and one in the Goldfields-Esperance EM district focussed on personal safety risks. A further discussion on personal safety risks is set to take place in the Wheatbelt EM district on August 31.

State-level risk assessments

The State Risk Project team wishes to thank all stakeholders who attended the seven natural hazards state-level risk assessment series in May and June. The data has been analysed and reported in the Western Australia's Natural Hazards Risk Profile 2017. The report compares the risks posed by the seven natural hazards: bushfire, cyclone, earthquake, flood, heatwave, storm and tsunami. It is available now on the OEM website here.

The OEM is aiming to complete state-level risk​​ assessments for all 27 gazetted hazards by the end of 2017. In July, a risk assessment workshop was held to identify risks from nuclear powered warships and space re-entry debris. Over 25 attendees from 17 different agencies participated, including representatives from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and the Defence Space Coordinating Office. The participants collectively assessed 88 individual risk statements across two credible worst-case scenarios. 

Over the next few months the six remaining hazards will be assessed at the state-level. Upcoming risk assessment workshops are:​

  • ​Land se​arch and rescue, marine search and rescue and road crash: October 26

  • Biological s​ubstance: November 9

  • Electricity supply ​​disruption: November 15​