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Since the last iteration of the EM suite of documents in December 2016, amendments have been identified, necessitating updates that were approved by the SEMC on 1 August 2017.



State​​​ Emergency Management documents updated

​24 August 2017


Following approval by the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) on 1 August 2017, updates have been made to the suite of State emergency management (EM)​ documents. The updated documents are now available on the Office of Emergency Management's Legislation and Policy Framework website pages​.

Since the last iteration of the documents in December 2016, amendments have been identified necessitating an update to the text and re-release of the documents.  

The Policy Amendments are categorised as: 

  • Clarifications to State EM Response Procedure 20 Australian Government Physical Assistance, as outlined below

  • Inclusion of the former Western Australian Risk Management Guideline as an attachment to State EM Prevention and Mitigation Procedure 1

  • Amendment of state government agency names to reflect the machinery of government changes  that came into effect on 1 July 2017

  • Correction of some typographical errors and minor omissions of content that occurred when amalgamating the former 'SEMP policies' into the suite of documents. 


State EM Re​​​sponse Procedure 20


The overall intent of the revised procedure has not changed; however, the following areas have been amended or included:

  • the terminology has been aligned to the updated national COMDISPLAN

  • an additional procedural step has been inserted for Hazard Management Agencies to contact the Department of Defence​ (Defence) prior to the State Emergency Coordinator (SEC), where there is likelihood that Defence assets may be tasked

  • conta​ct details for various officers have been inserted

  • a flo​w ​chart has been inserted to clarify the process. 

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