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Image taken at the 8 May workshop (Flood). Pictured presenting at the workshop is Steve Duggan, Regional Hydrology Manager, Bureau of Meteorology

​Seven sudden onset natural hazards workshops underway​

23 May 2017

The risk assessment workshops that are required for the 2017 edition of the WA Statelevel Risk Assessment: Seven Sudden Onset Natural Hazards Report commenced in May. 

The first workshop (Flood) occurred on 9 May, with the other workshops taking place on:

  • 23 May (Heatwave)

  • 25 May (Cyclone and Storm)

  • 31 May (Bushfire)

  • 7 June (Earthquake and Tsunami). 

The final report will be submitted to the Commonwealth by 30 June 2017. 

The report will analyse and compare the risks posed​ by seven of the State’s priority natural hazards: – storm, earthquake, bushfire, tsunami, heatwave, cyclone and flood. 

The first iteration of this report was completed in December 2013. ​