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Sample questions from the 2017 Annual and Preparedness Report Capability Survey

Capability survey released to 170 agencies across the EM sector​

23 May 2017

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has released the 2017 Annual and Preparedness Report Capability Survey to approximately 170 agencies throughout Western Australia’s Emergency Management (EM) sector. 

The purpose of the survey is to gather EM data that will assist the OEM in obtaining a state-wide view of capability, readiness and preparedness. 

The OEM has sent each agency the survey via​

Please note that the information sought may be held by a number of individuals within your agency. It is therefore recommended that the relevant staff meet to contribute collectively to simplify the process and save time. 

Every year the OEM strives to improve both the quality of the data and the ease of collection. The OEM would greatly appreciate that the survey be completed and submitted by the deadline date (the date is stipulated in the email sent to each agency). 

This will enable us to compile the results for the Emergency Preparedness Report and the Annual Report in a timely manner.  

We look forward to each agency’s valuable contribution. 


Under the Emergency Management Act 2005 the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) reports annually to the Minister for Emergency Services on the preparedness of the State to combat emergencies (Section 14a Emergency Management Act 2005) and provides direction, advice and support in order to plan and prepare for an efficient EM capability for the State (Section 14b Emergency Management Act 2005)

In order to minimise multiple reporting requirements, the OEM combines the preparedness and annual reporting questions into one survey. 

By completing and submitting the survey agencies will fulfil the legislative requirements of the Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMCs), and Hazard Management Agencies (HMAs) as detailed in s.33 and s.40(1) of the Emergency Management Act 2005

If your agency has any queries about the survey please email:​.​