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State Risk Project update

​​​State Risk Project update

20 February 2017

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) would like to acknowledge and thank its State Risk Project stakeholders for joining us on the risk assessment workshop journey. Last year was a momentous year for the project, which gained enormous traction and reached important milestones.


​The district level has been completed!

November 2016 marked the completion of the district level risk assessment workshop program (for priority hazards) across all of the State’s emergency management (EM) districts.

Our understanding of major risks (of hazards prescribed in legislation) in WA has grown significantly, largely as a result of the risk data collected in the project’s district phase.

The risk data was collected during multiple risk assessment workshops held in each EM district right around the State.

The risk data is currently being used to compile comprehensive risk reports and risk profiles for each EM district in WA.  All EM district reports will be available soon!

OEM plans to complete the state level phase of the project by the end of 2017. In the first half of 2017, the following state level workshops will be held:

  • ​​​​​Gas & Fuel Supply: 2 March

  • ​HAZMAT - Radiological: late April 

  • ​​7 Natural Hazards 2017 Series: 9, 11, 23 & 25 May

  • ​​Nuclear Powered Warship and Space Re-entry debris: June/July (tentative)

  • ​​Rail Crash - Freight: tbc


Local level commences!

The local level component of the project has begun. Thus far, group workshops have been held in the Great Southern and South West, involving 33 local governments. The aim of the local level phase is to provide training, support and tools to local governments to assist them to undertake the emergency risk management process (as required by existing policy).

For more information about the local level phase, including dates of upcoming workshops, click here to explore the State Risk Project - Local pages of the OEM website.