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Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Grants Manager, Bec Pianta

Staff Profile: 

OEM Grants Manager

Bec Pianta

20 February 2017

What is you​r role at the Office of Emergency Management (OEM)?

​I’m the Grants Manager at the OEM, and look after the Commonwealth and State competitive grants funding for disaster resilience activities in WA.  

This includes the NDRP and AWARE programs, as well as funds provided to WA as part of the National Partnership Agreement for Natural Disaster Resilience for state priority projects. Once projects have been approved, I am then responsible for managing the individual contracts with each project manager.

The favourite part of your job?

Advising applicants they’ve been successful in their application, and working with them throughout their project to achieve desired objectives.  

I appreciate that projects often experience difficulties and have evolving needs, and I’m pleased the OEM allows for a degree of flexibility to get the best outcome for the applicant and for WA.

What is the most challeng​​​​ing part of your role?

Knowing​​​ we have only a finite bucket of funds, and having to advise applicants that while their project may have merit, their application was unsuccessful.

Over the next year what k​​​ey achievements are you targeting? 

Following the 2015 Productivity Commission Inquiry into Natural Disaster Funding, the Attorney General’s Department released a paper stating that increased investment in mitigation and betterment will deliver significant benefits, including reduced spend on response and recovery. I’m keen to progress these findings by further developing our funding programs to support high quality, evidence-based investment decision-making to support disaster resilience.

How d​o you relax when you are not at work? 

I’m very energetic, and spend my time running, playing any sport I can, or at the beach. I have a wonderful family who are all just as lively, so my favourite days are those that are busy, loud and entertaining.​