​​Local Emergency Management Arrangements (South West)

South West Emergency Management Calendar 2020.pdf

​It is a requirement for each local government in Western Australia to publish their Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMAs) on their website. The South West district's local government websites are listed below:


​City of Bunburywww.bu​nbury.wa.gov.au/LEMA
City of Busselton​www.busselton.wa.gov.au/LEMA
Shire of Augusta-Margaret River​www.amrshire.wa.gov.au/LEMA
Shire of Boyup Brook ​www.boyupbrook.wa.gov.au/LEMA
Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbusheswww.bridgetown.wa.gov.au/LEMA
Shire of of Capelwww.capel.wa.gov.au/LEMA
Shire of Collie www.collie.wa.gov.au
Shire of Dardanupwww.dardanup.wa.gov.au/LEMA
Shire of Donnybrook-Balingupwww.donnybrook-balingup.wa.gov.au
​Shire of Harvey​www.harvey.wa.gov.au/LEMA
​Shire of Manjimupwww.manjimup.wa.gov.au/LEMA
​Shire of Nannupwww.nannup.wa.gov.au