​​​​​​​The State Exercise

The State Exercise Coordination Team will achieve its deliverables and KPIs to the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC)  through the three-year State Exercise Program, testing the high-level emergency management arrangements for WA.

The three-year three-year program will follow a cycle of:

Year one: Individual agency exercise focused on the capability to for the planned scenario.

Year two: Mutli agency exercise against capabilities required for the planned scenario.

Year Three: Whole of Government workshops and exercises to test capabilities required for the planned scenario.

The first three-year state exercise cycle (2020-2023) will use the scenario of an Earthquake to test capabilities. 

Earthquakes have the potential to have a massive impact on our communities and at times like these, we are relying on Local Government Authorities to deliver the great services we sometimes take for granted.  The role of local government is very important to the success of the State Exercise Program.

A plan is in development for SEMC approval to provide special events and opportunities for all agencies and local governments to be involved throughout the three years.

The plan for the three-year state exercise program will be delivered for SEMC approval. Once that has been achieved planning and development will commence and broader engagement will occur.

Exercises scheduled as part of the three-year State Exercise Program will be published on the State Exercise Calendar. Opportunities for participation will also be shared through District Emergency Management Committees and the District Emergency Management Advisors.