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WA Managing Exercises: A Guideline for Western Australian Emergency Management Agencies

This guideline has been developed by the State Emergency Management Committee Business Unit and approved by the State Exercise Management Committee for the purposes of assisting Emergency Management Agencies, Public Authorities and Local Governments within Western Australia to run exercises to prepare for an emergency.


This guideline was originally developed by the Tasmanian State Emergency Services in consultation with a steering committee comprising emergency services personnel and representatives from relevant Tasmanian Government agencies.

The Tasmanian Government have given permission for the original guideline to be reproduced and adapted for use in Western Australia.

The Western Australian Government acknowledges:

  • the work done by the Tasmanian State Emergency Services and the Tasmanian Government in the development of this guideline and making it available to Western Australia.
  • the work done by the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department in consultation with emergency management professionals and subject matter experts.
  • the work undertaken by the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Preparedness Directorate as part of the Department of Homeland Security, and
  • The Australia-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee whose processes this guideline is based on and intended to compliment.

This Guideline​

  • provides a simple overview of exercise management processes
  • provides a step-by-step guide through the phases of exercise management
  • can be used for single-agency, multi-agency or whole-of-government exercises
  • has been designed to support small exercises, wh​ile providing more comprehensive information for large or more complex exercises
  • includes useful templates and resources.

Who is this Guideline for?

This Guideline is aimed at:

  • managers running a small emergency management exercise
  • members of an exercise planning team running larger exercises
  • exercise directors or other senior managers who have emergency management exercising responsibilities
  • anyone with an interest in emergency management exercising in Western Australia.

Exercise Templates and Resources

The following templates and samples have been prepared to assist with the application of Western Australia Managing Exercises Guideline

Phase of exercise Template Description Exemplar Guideline reference
Phase 1 - Concept pages 15-22 of the Guideline
Concept Template 1.1Concept Development Meeting Agenda Page 16
Concept Template 1.2Exercise Proposal Page 17
Phase 2 – Plan pages 24–46 of the Guideline
Plan Template 2.1Initial Planning Meeting Agenda Page 30
Plan Template 2.2Mid-Planning Meeting Agenda Page 30
Plan Template 2.3Final Planning Meeting Agenda Page 30
Plan Template 2.4Exercise Plan Exemplar 1Page 40
Plan Template 2.5Situation Manual Page 40
Plan Template 2.6Facilitators Guide Exemplar 2Page 41
Plan Template 2.7Participant Guide Page 41
Plan Template 2.8Master Schedule of Events – small exercise Page 43
Plan Template 2.9Master Schedule of Events – large exercise Exemplar 3Page 43
Plan Template 2.10Exercise Control Instructions Page 43
Plan Template 2.11Exercise Control Document

Exemplar 4

Exemplar 5

Page 43
Plan Template 2.12Exercise Input Page 44
Plan Template 2.13Evaluation Plan Exemplar 6Page 45
Plan Template 2.14Evaluation Data Collection Form Exemplar 7Page 45
Plan Template 2.15Exercise Evaluator Aide-Memoire Page 45
Plan Template 2.16Risk Assessment Page 46
Phase 3 – Conduct pages 48-61 of the Guideline
Conduct Template 3.1Exercise Evaluator Briefing Page 56
Conduct Template 3.2Evaluator Report Exemplar 8Page 60
Conduct Template 3.3Participant Evaluation Questionnaire Exemplar 9Page 61
Phase 4 – Evaluate pages 63-66 of the Guideline
Evaluate Template 4.1Post-Exercise Evaluation Meeting Page 64
Evaluate Template 4.2Post-Exercise Report Exemplar 10Page 65


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