Capability-Based Exercising 

The mechanics of the exercise framework revolve around the analysis of capabilities and the development of agency exercise schedules which will be consolidated into the State Exercise Calendar.

Each Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and Local Government Authority will conduct a Capability Analysis to identify which capabilities they need practice, in order to respond to, and recover from a State level emergency and/or that pose the greatest risk to their capacity to provide support functions to Hazard Management Agencies and other EMAs​ . 

In the first instance, it is recommended that agencies use existing sources of data to contribute to this process. These can include:

  • Previous Preparedness Report Capability Survey responses,
  • Lessons identified from previous exercises,
  • Knowledge from past incidents and after-action reports,
  • Local and district risk assessments,
  • Issues raised at Local Emergency Management Committee, District Emergency Management Committee and sub-committee meetings,
  • Local Emergency Management Arrangements, and
  • District Emergency Management Advisor input and discussion

Agencies and local governments are requested to submit an exercise schedule in advance of planned exercises to facilitate the sharing of information and opportunities to exercise with other interested parties. This can be done using the State Exercise Calendar or through the annual Preparedness Survey.​