​​WA Managing Exercises Training Materials

The WA Managing Exercises course can be delivered via face to face delivery or by 'Online Learning'. As our preference is for you to do the online training, we have not provided links to the face to face training material (ie. Managing Exercises Powerpoint Slides). 

If your preferred method of training delivery is face to face via a facilitator, this material is available upon request from the SEMC Business Unit, please email info@semc.wa.gov.au 

WA Managing Exercises Online Course

The Managing Exercises online course is designed to provide the EM Sector with greater accessibility to exercise training which will help with your preparedness to deal with hazards. It can be accessed on any device from a desktop computer to a mobile phone, anywhere there is an internet connection. The course compliments the WA Managing Exercises Guideline and is consistent with the Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience, Managing Exercises Handbook 3, the ANZCTC Managing Exercises Course and the Tasmanian SES Managing Exercises Handbook.

The course is designed to:

  • Provide a simple overview of the exercise management process aligned to the WA Managing Exercises Guideline.
  • Introduce participants to the WA Managing Exercise Guideline templates and exemplars.
  • Designed to support small exercises whilst also providing more comprehensive information for larger and more complex exercises.

The online course is intended to be ‘self paced’ learning, so you can take your time working through it, or come back to it if you get interrupted. The Activities are optional. They are provided to introduce the templates and to allow you to work through the exercise planning and development process. You do not have to complete the activities to complete the course. There is no assessment but you MUST click and open ALL the information boxes to progress through the modules.

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