Core ​​Capability 

​Achievement Objective

​​Mass fatality management7.1 Services are available to deal with a mass fatality incident. This includes: body recovery, disaster victim identification, mortuary, burial and cremation services and the management of information.
​Welfare ​7.2 Welfare and social services are available, timely and​ sufficient during or immediately after an emergency event. This includes critical support services and communication plans to inform affected people of impacts.
​Impact assessment7.3 Agencies have the ability to undertake and complete comprehensive impact assessments across the natural, built, social and economic environments. These findings inform recovery coordination and future emergency management planning.
​Recovery coordination​7.4 Agencies have the resources and skills to support impacted communities to manage their own recovery and achieve the best possible outcome. This includes reconstruction and restoration of natural, built, social and economic environments.
7.5 Recovery arrangements are in place following a major emergency. This should include engagement between HMAs, local government, NGOs, industry and communities and should consider long term impacts. 

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