Local Em​​​ergency Management Committees


Local governments are key players in the State’s emergency management arrangements and provide expert knowledge about their communities and environments. It is their role to ensure that local emergency management arrangements are prepared and maintained, as well as to manage recovery after an emergency.

Under section 38 of the Emergency Management Act 2005, a local government is required to establish one or more Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMCs) for the local government’s district. However, local governments may unite for the purposes of emergency management and establish one or more LEMC for their combined districts. The LEMC is to be managed and chaired by the local government, with representation from organisations and agencies that play a key role in emergency management within their district.

The functions of a LEMC, in relation to its district or the area for which it is established, are:

  • to advise and assist the local government in ensuring that Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMAs) are established for its district;
  • to liaise with public authorities and other persons in the development, review and testing of the LEMA; and
  • to carry out other emergency management activities as directed by the SEMC or prescribed by the regulations.


Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMAs)

​Under Section 41 of the Emergency Management Act 2005, a local government is to ensure that emergency management arrangements are in place for that local government district.

LEMAs are developed to provide a community focused, coordinated approach to the management of all potential emergencies within a local government area. It is a requirement for each local government in Western Australia to provide access to their LEMA and to publish their Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMAs) on their website.

Visit the District Emergency Manage​ment Committee Portal or click on the emergency management districts below to access relevant local government websites.​​ 

Central Metropolitan district East Metropolitan district ​Goldfields-Esperance district 
Great Southern district Kimberley district Midwest-Gascoyne district
North Metropoli​tan district ​Pilbara district South Me​tropolitan district
​South West district ​Wheatbelt district