​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​District Emergency Management Advisors



District Emergency Management Advisors support the work of the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) by providing services to the Emergency Management (EM) sector throughout Western Australia. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Supports local governments’ EM arrangements through Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMCs)
  • Provides executive support to District Emergency Management Committees (DEMCs)
  • Assists local governments to establish recovery arrangements following major emergency events
  • Contributes to development of SEMC policy and procedures, particularly in relation to local and district level EM arrangements and recovery
  • Advises local governments and districts stakeholders on risk, capability and EM issues
  • Develops resources and events to promote EM awareness in the community

Services provided to the EM sector include:

  • Fostering a holistic and risk-based approach to EM planning
  • Building regional level capacity, coordination and planning
  • Providing a targeted approach to supporting local governments for disaster recovery
  • Encouraging a continuous improvement culture based on incident review and analysis
  • Offering advice on policy and procedural matters relating to EM arrangements


District Emergency Management Advisors design and implement strategies that increase EM awareness, capacity building and skills development within key stakeholder groups. They promote an integrated, community centred approach to EM at the local and district level while ensuring that state-wide relationships, coordination and priorities are developed.

District Emergency Management Advisors are currently based in Broome, Geraldton, Northam, Perth, Bunbury and Albany. While living and working in the regions gives them an explicit and intimate understanding of local and regional issues, by working at state level, they have access to a wide network of contacts across the State to support the coordination of EM.

District Emergency Management Advisors promote the understanding of local and regional EM issues through their role as EM specialists. They are an important conduit between local government and other organisations involved in EM, and assist in building local and regional networks by:

  • Providing advice on policies and guidelines and offering support to local governments, Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMCs) and District Emergency Management Committees (DEMCs) regarding the development and maintenance of local EM arrangements
  • Facilitating consultation with stakeholders and the wider community on the development of EM procedures
  • Encouraging an integrated, all hazards approach to identifying and meeting the EM needs of their community
  • Introducing key local government contacts to a network of subject matter experts across the state
  • Coordinating requests for (or by) other agencies to present to LEMCs/DEMCs on key seasonal or regional topics
  • Providing subject matter expertise on a range of EM matters




Central, East and South Metropolitan District
Merveen Cross
T. 0427 996 676

North Metropolitan District
Quinta La Rosa
T. 0417 892 694

Sharna Sumpton
T. 0427 162 486

Goldfields-Esperance District; Wheatbelt District
Yvette Grigg
T. 0488 907 187​

Midwest-Gascoyne District
Josh Gardner
T. 08 9956 6014

Kimberley and Pilbara Districts
Helen Kent
T. 0409 415 256

South West District
Vik Cheema
T. 0429 688 130

Great Southern District
Adam Smith
adam.smith@dfes.wa.gov.au  ​
T. 0429 104 007​