The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) has a strategic, advisory role in relation​ to emergency management​ in Western Australia. 

The Committee has existed in various forms since the 1970s.  The State Counter Disaster Advisory Committee was established in 1985 following a review of emergency services. It later became known as the State Emergency Management Advisory Committee and then the State Emergency Management Committee. 

When the Emergency Management Act 2005 was proclaimed on 24 December 2005, the State Emergency Management Committee was established by legislation.



​The SEMC manages the Emergency Management Act 2005 and the Emergency Management Regulations 2006. As indicated in the Emergency Management Act 2005, the Committee has the following functions: 

  • Advise the Minister on emergency management and the preparedness of the State to combat emergencies
  • Provide direction, advise and support public authorities, industry, commerce and the community to plan and prepare for efficient emergency management
  • Provide a forum for community coordination to ensure the effects of emergencies are minimised
  • Provide a forum for the development of communitywide information systems to improve communications during emergencies
  • Develop and coordinate risk management strategies to assess community vulnerability to emergencies​​​​